Thanks to our modern machine park and the technologies applied, along with our highly trained, well-experienced and reliable staff, we are a supplier of demanding mechanical components and assemblies for aircraft as well as act as a development supplier.


Automotive industry

We are a well-established long-term supplier of components and mechanisms for the automotive industry. We work together on the development and production of new vehicle prototypes, and meet the highest quality requirements. 


Recreation industry

In this area, we use our ideas to try and improve sheet metal components and lower their prices. We strive for technological innovation and high-precision production in order to achieve a high-end product standard. 


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February 1 – 2, 2018 The advancement of humankind is based on the constant acquisition of knowledge, the combination of different ideas, and the desire to reach for something new and uncharted. This i...

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At Jakl Technological Centre​, we develop and produce component parts and mechanisms for the automotive, aviation and recreation industry.  

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